Sarah Everard

I wrote recently about my night walks, referencing the flâneur. I learnt about the flâneur during my English degree; it means someone who wanders around observing society. The flâneur is traditionally male. Because typically you have to be a man to feel safe walking alone outside.

The killing of Sarah Everard has led to an outpouring of anger and grief. It has put the misogyny at the centre of society in the spotlight. Here are some voices that say things far better than I ever could:

Sarah Everard deserved better than this (The Cut)

What happened to me was nothing — the nothing women know all too well (The Guardian)

Sarah Everard’s death has shown women’s fear and the need for men to step up (The Herald)

To stop women like Sarah Everard going missing, the conversation must start with men (City AM)

Women are human beings: an apparently radical take (Roar News)

Men are now feeling the discomfort we’ve been living with for years (The Telegraph)

The vigils were not just about Sarah Everard, but about the whole justice system (The Guardian)

The Sarah Everard case has shown how frightened women really are (The Spectator)

It is only luck that it wasn’t me, or maybe you, on that Clapham street (The Times)

The Met’s dumb mistakes at Clapham Common turned Sarah Everard’s vigil into a protest (The Times)

Let me tell you what women and girls can’t do (The Times)

Extending police powers cannot and will not end male violence (Refinery29)

She was just walking home (The New York Times)

The police will never keep women safe (Huck)