View of the Wembley pitch during the Euro 2020 final

Failures of the Euro 2020 final

I’ve been going to football matches for 20 years. The Euro 2020 final, played at Wembley between England and Italy, was the first time I’d feared for my safety – and that of others – at a match.

So I was consoled by Baroness Casey’s review of the events that day in July. She noted a “collective failure” of organisations, which might have led to significant injuries or death. The crossbench peer made a series of recommendations in the report, which the FA has fully accepted.

The Euro 2020 final was a potentially glorious national occasion that turned into a day of national shame. Our team of role models were in our first major final for 55 years. However they were let down by a horde of ticketless, drunken and drugged-up thugs who chose to abuse innocent, vulnerable and disabled people, as well as police officers, volunteers and Wembley staff, creating an appalling scene of disorder and coming perilously close to putting lives at risk.

Baroness Casey